What is

colin lee berry's street defence?

Colin Lee Berry's Street Defence is a self defence system that offers a completely accessible experience for people of all ages and abilities looking to learn how to defend themselves in a variety of street situations. In these globally uncertain times, our purpose is to empower people to understand how to protect themselves in street situations by helping them to develop the self defence skills and confidence needed to be street-smart - hence our slogan 'Defence Not Attack'. Learn self defence, learn Colin Lee Berry's Street Defence.

Colin Lee Berry's Street Defence has many benefits:

Empowerment - Street Aware

Improve confidence

Increases physical conditioning

Improves self discipline

Has a positive influence on your life

There are many self defence and martial arts training models available that in reality require years of commitment to master one particular style. All Colin Lee Berry's Street Defence self defence classes take part in a non intimidating atmosphere. Here at Colin Lee Berry's Street Defence, we believe that everyone should feel that they can attend a self defence/fitness class without a intimidating atmosphere. Classes and private tuition takes place across Hertfordshire and London.