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As a Personal Trainer and Self Defence Instructor with over 20 years’ experience, I found that I could use some of my knowledge and experience to help me bring up my 2 young children. Like any new dad, no one is perfect and a lot you must learn on the go. The main thing is that you are willing do whatever it takes to look after your newborn. That is all a child can ask for. However, many of us put our own health on the backseat in the early days and weeks. We must see the importance in looking after our health for ourselves, our child and partner.

Here are 5 tips for new dads who are looking to improve their health:

1. WORK AS A TEAM – Unless you are a single parent, working with your partner to help each other out can make both of your lives easier. Give each other free time when you can. Whether it is to exercise, have a nap or just get out of the house for a walk or coffee. The first 6 months of a newborns life can be tough, but by working together as a team, you will be far less tired and worn out.

2. SLEEP – Everyone needs between 7 to 9 hours sleep per night. Master napping and take it in turns with your partner to get up in the night to feed the baby. Depending on how unsettled your newborn is, you may need to master of napping. Although be sure to nap no longer than 20 mins at a time and do not nap too late in the day. Both can have a negative effect on your sleep at night time.

3. BATCH COOKING – Eating healthily. Cooking can be quite difficult, especially in the early months of a newborn. However, the best way to make sure you are eating properly is to use a slow cooker/crock pot which takes minimal preparation, and you can leave on to cook whilst you attend to your baby. Also, this usually cooks a large volume of food which is enough for the whole family and beyond. You may have enough that you have some left over. Allow this extra to cool, so you can have it for your lunch the next day.

4. LOOK AFTER YOUR HEALTH – A healthy dad is a happy dad. You also have to think, your child needs a healthy dad too. You also want to be around for your children as long as possible. The first week or so might be a tough ask but try and keep active and get back to working out as soon as you can. You and your partner need to look after your health. Therefore, as above, give each other the time to exercise. You only need 30 mins of harder activity (although women will just have to keep it to a gentle stroll at best). You also do not need to go to the gym, there are many ways with which you can train at home, which is more efficient with your time too.

5. DELEGATE RESPONSIBILITIES IF THINGS ARE GETTING TOUGH - Especially during the early days and weeks, delegate responsibilities to friends, family, and grandparents where you can. Never think that you must do everything yourself. Most friends and family will be more than happy to help. I can't recommend taking people up on this additional help enough. It can take the load off and give you a bit of time out which is good for you mentally and physically.

These are just a few areas to help dad's and things I have experienced first-hand. If you need any further help improving your health, feel free to find out more about 6 Week Kickstart Programme: https://www.thecombatcoachtv.com/kickstart-programme

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