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How will combat classes survive the pandemic?

The pandemic as hit the Health and Fitness industry hard since the first lockdown back in March. Even though gyms opened for a brief period in 2020, certain classes were restricted, and attendance numbers was down. With some light now at the end of the tunnel, the health and fitness industry are beginning to plan for the future. However, an area of group exercise has no sign of being able to go back to normal for some time. This area of group exercise is combat classes (pad work etc). Due to social distancing rules, combat classes will be the last class types to get the green light.

Like every industry, the health and fitness industry are having to try and find a way of becoming as pandemic proof as possible. In an ideal world, we never want this sort of situation to happen again, but every business must hope for the best but plan for the worst to protect their businesses.

Combat classes also must adapt and offer an alternative until they are able to run as normal. Online and on demand options are a good alternative, but if the combat classes are more technical, it will be hard for participants to know that they are performing the techniques correctly and safely. I believe that all online combat class concepts should offer some foundation training options to help reinforce good technique to avoid injury and make sure the participant is executing the technique correctly. I feel that all online class concepts need to be aware of the dangers that come with online class concepts.

Face to face is always going to be the preferred option when it comes to teaching combat class and instructor courses, but special attention needs to be made in offering online coaching. When we are finally through the pandemic, many combat concepts will look to offer a hybrid approach when it comes to classes and instructor courses.

At Street Defence, we have been working on several ways of offering an online option to allow anyone to continue with their training if a pandemic were to ever happen again, or to allow participants to practice and get fit wherever they are in the world. Our instructor courses have also added an online option and we have made sure that the online instructor course is as stringent as the face to face offering. We are also looking to offer a hybrid approach when things go back to normal by offering purely online, a mix of online and face to face or just face to face. That way, we offer every possibility which can generate more interest in our classes and courses, but also protect the Street Defence concept as much as possible from any future pandemics.

Even though the health and fitness industry has been hit hard by this pandemic, we must use this time to see how we can improve the industry as a whole. I genuinely believe that the health and fitness industry will grow again and become stronger than ever.

If you would like more information about joining the Street Defence community, please visit: https://www.streetdefenceuk.com/community

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