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Become a Street Combat Instructor and learn to teach combinations of self defence striking techniques within a group exercise HIIT class setting.

All striking techniques come from the leading self defence system Street Defence. 


Online (Self Paced) = £199

Face to face (2 Day Course) = £249

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what you get with

Street Combat Logo (2).jpg

Whether you are you a personal trainer, fitness instructor, health coach or just a fitness enthusiast, the Street Combat Course teaches you everything you need to know to add self defence striking techniques for fitness to your classes. Street Combat will help you build an additional community within your club or business.

Street Combat can solve many problems that gyms may have:



Building a new community within your club.

Grow your business, generate additional income and offer more variety in your classes.

Increase member/participant retention.

Increase member/client sign ups.

Offer a unique member/client experience.

Attract more families to your club/business.

Become a Street Combat instructor in a flexible, convenient way and at your own pace